Silent people

75 х 95

acrylic on canvas


Silent people have got into an argument, and now they are sitting over empty plates in silence. They have a lot on their minds, and they feel sore, but they have nothing to say to each other. There is a lot of pain and mutual resentment inside, but silent people cannot speak it out. They cannot articulate what they feel, and their mouths are covered with growth. The pain is frozen down in their eyes, like ice. Only when they look into the mirror, do they see their reflections as the sea of blood. The mirror is overfilled with that blood, and it falls in drops into the dish.

The painting was exhibited:

  • 23 June – 17 July 2022 – Unconquerable Ukraine, All-Ukrainian cultural-art project by National Artists Union of Ukraine, exhibition halls of the Central Artist’s House, Kyiv

  • 30 April – 15 May 2022 – Time of war. Reflections…, group project, Dzyga gallery, Lviv, Ukraine

  • 15 – 17 April 2022 – Ukrainian Days, a cultural festival, Literaturhaus, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • 10 March – 14 April 2022 – War is not peace, a group exhibition, Espace29 Gallery, Bordeaux, France