Floating population

60 х 80

acrylic on canvas


The war made these people take out their roots and go on a journey. While getting away from disaster, the people abandoned their houses with property earned, barns, full of grain, yards with flowers, and betook themselves to new places, getting round numerous blockposts. The people carried their children, elderly parents, cats, and dogs, and the rest they left for the enemy looting. The people possessed houses and homes, and now they have nothing but what they can carry.

The painting was exhibited:

  • 6 July – 6 August 2022 – Neighbors came, personal project, restaurant Drunken Duck, Lviv, Ukraine

  • 13 May – 13 June 2022 – Listen to Life, personal project, Central Library for Children, Lviv, Ukraine

  • 15 – 17 April 2022 – Ukrainian Days, a cultural festival, Literaturhaus, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • 10 March – 14 April 2022 – War is not peace, a group exhibition, Espace29 Gallery, Bordeaux, France

  • 28 March 2022 – Volnanova, online exhibition – International art event, dedicated to heroic confrontation of Ukrainian nation against russian occupants in russian-Ukrainian war