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85 х 115

acrylic on canvas


A new dawn rises. The sun comes out of the mountains and lights everything with the rosy light: the sky, the dishes with milk on the table, the snow on the ground. A variety of dishes with milk symbolizes abundance and wealth at the beginning of the new day. The time has come when there is plenty of everything: energy, resources, and chances.

Exhibition history:

  • 20 February – 13 March 2020 – Thin Dreams, personal project, PM Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine

  • 5 – 25 December 2019 – The Light Comes from The Silence, personal project, gallery Bunkermuz, Ternopil, Ukraine

  • 18 – 20 October 2019 – AirGogolFest, Vinnytsya, contemporary art festival, Crystal factory, Ukraine

  • 19 – 24 August 2019 – IV International Paradjanov Festival, group exhibition, curator and participant, Suputnik, Lviv, Ukraine

  • 4 – 18 December 2016 – The Journey for the Inner Light, group exhibition, First Lviv Media Center, Lviv, Ukraine

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