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40 hryvnyas

60 х 80

acrylic on canvas


When I was riding a train from Lviv to Kharkiv to come to the art residency “Aura of the city. Checkpoint”, our train stopped in Kovyagy for 5 hours. The train before ours hit an elderly woman with big bags to death, and the investigation started. When our train was standing in the station, the people went out of the carriages and entered into a conversation with the locals. Old Ivan with 2 golden teeth brought a massive thickhead and wanted to sell it for 40 hryvnyas. He informed us, that there are 3 big lakes in Kovyagy, where he gets fish and sells it. He told us, that 90% of Kovyagy’s population did jail time. He joked a lot and showed off his golden teeth. The paradoxical reality of Eastern Ukraine, the reality of our life, which our soldiers fight for.

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