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100 х 140

acrylic on canvas


There is a wide-open window in the painting and a magnificent landscape outside of it. Three mountains stand afar, three rivers run somewhere far away, three pines stand on the sides. Three apples and three pears are put on the windowsill. The open window and the landscape far beyond symbolize the passing of the soul into the new better world, it’s birth into the Kingdom of Spirit. This is the transformation of grief into genuine love. Number three represents the key of the time: the past, which transforms into the present, and the present, for its part – into the future. There are two lamps on either side of the window, which symbolize the family, the light that goes from our ancestors, mother and father. The kerosene lamp means the direct male ancestor, and oil lamp - female.

Exhibition history:

  • 8 – 29 September 2020 – The river inside of me, personal exhibition within the project Her (ex)position, Auction house Korners, Kyiv, Ukraine

  • 20 February – 13 March 2020 – Thin Dreams, personal project, PM Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine

  • 18 – 20 October 2019 – AirGogolFest, Vinnytsya, contemporary art festival, Crystal factory, Ukraine

  • 16 – 23 September 2019 – Waves of Reality or Excitation in Travneve, final exhibition on the NVAIR 2019 program, Modern Art Research Institute, Kyiv, Ukraine

  • 15 June – 4 August 2019 – Narrative about Freedom, the final exhibition of Nazar Voitovich Art Residency, gallery of the Zbarazh castle, Zbarazh, Ukraine

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