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Waves of Reality or Excitation in Travneve

final exhibition on the NVAIR 2019 program

16 – 23 September 2019

Modern Art Research Institute, Kyiv, Ukraine

Presentation of the results of the summer programs of Nazar Voitovich Art Residence in the Modern Art Research Institute.

The projects in the exhibition were created during the 3rd All-Ukrainian and two International exchange programs of art residencies for young artists – NVAIR, which took place throughout June-August in Nazar Voitovich Art Residency (public organization Congress of Cultural Activists) in Ternopil region, supported by philanthropists and Ukrainian Culture Foundation, and in collaboration with KAIR (Kosice Artist in residence Program) and Schafhof (Center for Art of Upper Bavaria).

In the center of the group exhibition, the local context of Travneve village is being expanded to the global problems of society, which, at first sight, lives the quiet secluded life.

Stories that exist parallelly, parallel dimensions and values – as the degrees of life, time, space, freedom, and responsibility. They are too visible in the middle of the field to be passed over...

“Waves of Reality or Excitation in Travneve” represents the reflection of one place – spot on the map, which hides the stories of forced migrants, the tragic history of the Revolution of Dignity, modern realia of the border territories and visa-free regime, migrant workers and memory loss.

By analyzing the nature of the created projects, we can note the parallel lines, vibrating between the perceptions of the time and memory, time and choice, time and landscape. When vibrating, they cross and reveal various themes, which can be seen only by an experienced eye. The time here passes like a landscape: now slowly and smoothly, now mounts like waves, revealing simultaneously the past, future, and the moment "here and now."

Within small communities, the mystics, magic, and dogmatism are bordering with the stark reality and carelessness. At this place, everything is as it should be, but when you are here as a temporary resident, you are starting to ask many logical questions to the ecosystem.

The project is about the own excitations, the complex local stories, and summer reflections of the 14 artists from Ukraine, Slovakia, and Germany. They successively developed into the projects “Narrative About Freedom”, “Degree of Silence”, and “Expansion Landscape.” They as if represent a deep dive into the collective unconscious and reveal the global challenges of humanity through the local context.

Curator of the programs: Liudmyla Nychai

Coordinator of the exhibition: Vlad Tuzov

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