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Two Dots

online exhibition

2 – 28 June 2020

NV Gallery


This exhibition aims at visualizing the interval of time – emotional spot on our mutual history. TWO DOTS – which calls for itemizing the genitive cases, TWO DOTS above Ї – which is the marker of our identity, TWO DOTS, which requires continuation and interpretation.

Who are we? How are we? What do we feel? What’s bothering us? How do we act? What do we want?

The narrative: not so long ago we were seeing the Maidan in flames and the execution of the murderous orders by the authorities, but even in those times we were closer to democracy. We are in the process of the war with a guileful neighbor, which destabilizes our country and again dunks us in the totalitarian past. We are horrified by the isolation, by the lots of restrictions, by the pressure upon our responsibility, and by fulfilling the dictatorial ambitions behind our backs. The transit generation perceives this as the flashback from childhood, before the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Iron Curtain. This generation reaps the consequences the totalitarianism, doctored to death. Stalino and Voroshylovgrad on the Victory Day in 2020. We are the country with temporarily undetermined borders. The generation, who was growing up in the process of war, has already appeared in Ukraine.

On our own, in the so-called “self-isolation”, reading the tons of literature, which was waiting on the shelves, listening to the tons of lectures, webinars, and courses, we may feel a slight discomfort without the live exchange of thoughts, ideas, and emotions, without the possibility to get on the train and get up in any part of the country, which we have only started to explore recently. We became accustomed to having the right to peaceful assembly, we have even got used to the fact that the majority of borders are conditional for us. And the generation has appeared, which do not feel what the borders are.

Curator - Liusy Nychai

Curator Assistant - Olena Kainska

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