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Thin Dreams

personal exhibition

20 February – 13 March 2020

PM Gallery, Lviv

To live, a person must be exceptionally cautious and well-armed. She needs to promptly fight off the attacks, run fast to get on time, and struggle desperately, to take over a piece of land under the sun. There is no place for self-pity and weakness – one should be strong enough to survive.

The other side of a person is being carefully camouflaged and hidden in the everyday battle. This side has remained from deep childhood, but it didn’t turn into a rudiment. This side has come deeper, into another dimension, into the space of unconscious, behind the line.

You can see it, breathe it, but very carefully, not to frighten it away. It can be perceived beyond reality. It’s undoubtedly beautiful. It’s vulnerability.

Vulnerability begins where there is no need to fight. To uncover your inner vulnerability, you should have a possibility to do this. You should not be afraid to do it. You need to be sure nobody would assault you at this moment.

To love and demonstrate tenderness, you should unveil your vulnerability. If you want the other person to reveal you their vulnerability, you should touch them carefully and gently.

Vulnerability is revealed when we sleep. We are vulnerable and natural when we sleep. When we sleep, we unconsciously caress and hug each other.

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