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Social Volume

final exhibition of the art residency by

Helikon Art Center

29 August – 30 September 2019

gallery Kara Sanat Atolyesi, Izmit, Turkey

Social Volume means the paramount importance of interactions between people and environments.

There are three layers of the Social Volume:

1.            The interactions between a person and a person

2.            The interaction between a person and a community

3.            The interaction between a person and a country

Social Volume of the first level can be conveyed through the artistic practices by expressing the impressions from the interactions, the emotions you receive from these interactions, the genuine feelings you experience. Social Volume of the second level can be expressed by rethinking the knowledge you gain from communication with the unfamiliar communities, patterns of behaviors and traditions you learn, alternative lifestyle you get acquainted with. Social Volume of the third level can be experienced when living in a foreign country, by being a stranger, by being surprised and amazed by what you perceive.

Social Volume resides in the communication between us, in sharing our feelings, and in being able to accept the vulnerable sides of the others and being not afraid to express yourself authentically. Social Volume offers a possibility to look at the world with the eyes of other people, communities, and countries, resolve contradictory situations in a social-centered way, become a wiser and more loving personality.

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