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River inside of me

8 – 29 September 2020

personal exhibition

"Her (ex)position"

"Korners" Auction House

Kyiv, Ukraine


There is a river inside of me. It has always been there. Its waters are silent, ancient, thoughtful. Its waves go slowly, they whisper to one another, tenderly cover each other. The silent river carries an enormous mass of water. Countless masses of water, which silently move in space and time and calmly flows where it needs to be.


The river of tranquility. The river of inner peace. How does it feel to be you? How does it feel to live in this body and think in the way how you think from the very beginning of your existence? Stand still and observe the beingness from birth to death. Stand and watch, how the river waters flow, how the clouds are crossing the sky, how the leaves are falling from trees, how people come and go. Laugh and cry. Take joy and sorrow. And howl with pain sometimes. Be yourself.


One day I’ll take a boat, get it in the water, and follow this big calm inner river. Follow this river to where its calm waters flow. I’ll sit in the boat facing the direction of movement. I’ll observe the horizon. I’ll silently follow the stream.


But not today. Today I’m here.

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