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ІІІ International Paradjanov Festival

group art exhibition

19 – 24 August 2018

Suputnik, Lviv, Ukraine

On 19 − 24 August 2018 in the Levandivka district of Lviv was held the ІІІ Festival of Paradjanov. The motto of the festival: the place of truth. Levandivka park and the cultural-art center "Suputnik" in Lviv were transformed into a place of creative synergy and experiment. The program of the festival included the film shows, theatre and music performances, visual projects, literature meetings, discussions, masterclasses for adults and children, gala concert, and art exhibition, dedicated to Sergiy Paradjanov.

Levandivka district if a separate industrial and, at the same time, historical district of Lviv. It was preferred as the location of the festival because the district has a street, named by Sergiy Paradjanov.

Paradjanov Festival is a project-collage, dedicated to the personality of the cult director. This festival uses different art media to rethink the creative heritage of Sergiy Paradjanov.

Sergiy Paradjanov was a creator, who couldn’t limit himself to only one genre. His personality is equally important for Armenians, Georgians, and Ukrainians. His creative language depicts global in local, and vise versa. That’s why the format and the space of the festival are pivotal.

From one side, Levandivka has an open space for the art synergy, from the other side – the district urgently requires cultural products of high quality. Moreover, the festival becomes a platform for the formation of the environment of culture activists of the district.

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