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New Wave Exhibition vol.3

contemporary art festival

25 – 27 May 2018

FESTrepublic, Lviv, Ukraine

NWE – the festival of creative industries and the platform for the realization of your ideas, projects, and collaborations. The motto of the festival is “the festival of modern youth culture”, and the main aim – presentation of different directions of creative industries.

NWE – three days of new-format impressions, the event, which gathers in one place the vast amount of representatives of the creative class of the society.

NWE – the combination of trends and underground. The festival without any limits with the accent on self-expression, freedom, and creativity. Art in everything, art everywhere!

In the framework of the event were functioning: visual exhibition (installations, paintings, graphics, sculpture, video-art, interactive installations, VR/AR art), three scenes with electronic music, as well as film shows, theater performances, lectures, workshops, performances, interactive AR/VR presentations.

How do you perceive modern art? Is it something faraway and very strange? In fact, modern art is the freedom of self-expression. Everybody shapes art to their own image. And this is the aim of art. Art is multifaceted and its task is to let everybody see themselves on one or another artwork. From a painting – to the whole performance, from a musical piece – to the light show.

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