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Narrative about Freedom

final exhibition of Nazar Voitovich Art Residency

15 June – 4 August 2019

gallery of the Zbarazh castle, Zbarazh, Ukraine

"Narrative about freedom" is an exhibition of the group of young artists, which became the participants of the ІІІ International program of Nazar Voitovich Art Residency. The exhibition was presented in the gallery of the Zbarazh Castle.

The exposition is composed of the 6 mystical graphics and painting series, the ideas for which were collected from the real context of the village Travneve, revitalized with symbolic meanings. The cross-cutting theme of the exposition is philosophic reflections on freedom and responsibility. For 2 weeks the young artists were working in the common studios and living in one space, and they created the “Narrative about freedom” in collaboration. This exhibition became a mysterious reality, full of the actual challenges of the modern world.

During the exhibition opening, the artists revealed the secrets, hidden into the symbols and images, shared their impressions about their stay in the Ternopil region and the native village of Nazariy Voitovich.

Curator of the program: Liudmyla Nychai

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