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Virtual naїve art myseum


We are free from knowledge and ignorance. We can fly and fall, and live underwater eternally without drowning. We can turn into cosmos and stone. We become time-machines, and we have no age. We can see with our ears and hear with our eyes. We are eternal, and we don’t exist. We dissolve in the emptiness, transforming it into the matter. We laugh when we cry and cry when we laugh. We are absolute conductors and all geniuses. We are primitive and we breathe with millenniums. We don’t exist, and we exist. We disappear and appear again. There are few of us, and we are a dime a dozen.

We are chaotic and well-ordered. We hide to be visible. We don’t have any aim or sense, but we have an idea and passion. We are not in any hurry, because the whirlwind of invisible substances moves us. Our god is Intuition.

We are naїve artists, who succumbed to an unknown power…

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