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Lviv Art Days

contemporary art exhibition

20 – 23 March 2019

Lvivarnya, Lviv, Ukraine

In spring 2019 Lviv locals and the guests of the city had a possibility to come closer to art in the frameworks of the modern art festival "Lviv Art Days". This event was modeled after the world art weeks and aims at the popularization of modern Ukrainian art. "Lviv Art Days: took place on 20 − 23 March.

This year’s exhibition of Lviv Art Days presented more than a  hundred artworks from more than forty famous, as well as young and high-potential Ukrainian artists, who work with various media: painting, graphics, photography, collage, sculpture, ceramics, glass, textile, paper cutouts, asemic calligraphy.

The museum-cultural complex of the beer history “Lvivarnya” became the vanguard of the spring "Lviv Art Days". Here was concentrated the vast majority of the art exhibition, as well as here were held various events in the frameworks of the modern art festival. Diverseness of the exhibited artworks, mixed in one space, manifests the ambitious endeavors of the project to satisfy the most refined and demanding tastes of the observers.

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