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The Light Comes from The Silence

personal project

5 – 25 December 2019

gallery Bunkermuz, Ternopil, Ukraine

Our feelings became subtle, fragile, and resonant as if made from thin glass. And these feelings do not often resonate with the city environment and the vast amount of information coming from everywhere. These feelings are rather dissonant with the increasing speed of life, emerging challenges, work overload, and stress. City residents resemble children lost in the woods. They are distracted from their inner nature and put into an aggressive environment. Survive does not mean live.

My point of research is the finding of the possibility to reach inner peace, not in the mountain monasteries but just where you are. In the city. As well, I want to discover how to use your very subtle and inner feelings to tell lie from the truth. I want to use my visual language to evoke the feeling of the kind meditation in the heart of an observer.

In my paintings, I use simplified forms of the objects, bodies, buildings, terrains to highlight the philosophical sense I put there, and the story, which lies behind every painting. As Ukrainian philosopher, Grygoriy Skovoroda said: “In order to become simple, you have to become very complicated first.” So, I hide complexity in simplicity.

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