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The Journey for the Inner Light

group exhibition

4 – 18 December 2016

First Lviv Media Center, Lviv, Ukraine

Our world is changing. More and more people start noticing that the time goes by faster, the wishes come true, and the thoughts materialize. Fortuitous turns of events and non-coincidence meetings started to happen more often. The world began to hear us. The world began to answer to every our thought, either full of joy or sadness.

Space began to vibrate. We stand at the crossroads – to live as we used to and feel how the new world puts obstacles before us, or find the courage to look inside of our souls and hit the trail towards what’s inside without looking back. Start the journey for our inner light.

Participants of the exhibition speak with the hearts using the languages of colors and forms. The language of each artist is special and unique, but all four languages use the same words – love, trust, joy.

My paintings-dreams take the observers inside, to the subconscious, to the core. Trying to find the inner self, the observer wanders through the imaginary world, fantastic forests, filled with symbolic images and archetypical symbols, inhabited with mysterious creatures, each of which provides a guide to the final destination – our heart.

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