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Helikon Art Center

international art residency

18-30 August 2019

Izmit, Kocaeli, Turkey

Helikon Art Center was founded in 2010. It is located near Izmit city of Kocaeli province, Başiskele district in Turkey. Helikon Art Center aims to host artists from all over the world in order to exchange ideas, create artworks together, open exhibitions, and organize art events.


The subject of the art residency: An Individual’s Social Volume

Volume: the quantity of three-dimensional space of an object enclosed by a finished surface.

What determines an individual’s social volume?

What should be the context of this?


Context or contexts:

1- Humanity

2- Socio-cultural structure

3- Time


What does an individual add to his or her volume in these contexts?

Philosophy, science, and art. A self-improving individual might reach his or her true volume in the right context.

Can an individual, who has a considerable volume in the context of humanity, have the same volume in the contexts of socio-cultural structure and time?

Is it possible that an individual, who occupies a place in the socio-cultural structure, cannot fit into the context of humanity?

Which volume of an individual is the real one?

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