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There is feminism...

group exhibition

15 August – 30 September 2020

Gender Culture Center, Kharkiv, Ukraine

The exhibition "There is feminism" is composed of several vectors, researched by the feminists. These vectors are connected with inner and outer, social and cultural, physicality and sexuality.

Thus, we propose to unite several points of view and comprise a new one, while trying to answer the question WHAT IS FEMINISM?

When speaking about feminism, we start with the perceptions of feminine characters in various myths and legends, explore and offer an alternative view, replacement if ideas, notions, ideals, and standards, typical for our culture. We have our own voice, and we support a variety of opinions. We don't argue but offer a deep dive into an alternative reality and the new reinterpretation of the present.

Our journey starts with the transformation of the classical male images - warrior and hero, and seeking/collection of yourself as a part of a collage, at the same time answering the question: what do I have from a woman? What is the dominant cultural discourse offering to me?

When we raise these questions, we speak about equality and support, manifesting this in the public actions and performances. We recall what our grandmothers were doing and look forward to what we can do here in XX century thanks to the feminist movement of suffragists and feminists.

Moving from the understanding of shame and childhood traumas, we come to the acceptance of our own identity and sexuality, as free and independent, because FEMINISM IS… FREEDOM.

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