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2 July – 1 August 2021

contemporary art festival

Lacuna Festivals 2021

'Distance' is the theme for the 2021 Lacuna Festivals.

Possible interpretations of the theme include (but are not limited to): measurements of distance, the distance between two points, two people or two objects, barriers created by distance, overcoming barriers created by distance, ways of communicating from a distance, journeys, travel, modes of transport, migration of birds, insects and animals, psychological distance, physical distance, emotional distance, legal and illegal immigration, geodesic distance, meridian arcs, circular distance, Manhattan distance, relative distance, edit distance, chessboard distance, cosmology and the expansion of the universe, construal level theory, distance between experienced realities and/or individual perceptions, milestones and markers, signposts and cairns and so on.

My paintings are exhibited in the festival gallery “Self”: to explore, to retreat, to change. For safety. For sanity.

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