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final exhibition of the art residency Diffusion

13 – 28 September 2019

Center of modern art by Arkhip Kuindzhi 

Mariupol, Ukraine

From 13 to 26 September 2019 in the Mariupol Center of modern art by A. Kuindzhi was held the final exhibition of the visual art objects, created by the participants of the art residence "Diffusion". This is a mutual project of Western-European and Eastern-Ukrainian artists. “The project is aimed to create an original approach to the art activity, introduce modern European trends in painting, and invite local artists to participate in the art residencies. Integration of Eastern Ukraine into a European context,” - Alan Meyer, German artist and curator, creator of "Diffusion".

Art residence "Diffusion" got together 12 artists. For the whole week, the artists (painters, sculptors, photographers, and videographers) have been creating in Mariupol. To create a full-fledged composition of the final exhibition, the artists were productively working on the city locations, communicating with the locals, going on excursions, participating in the round table discussion, held workshops for children. The artists attended Plein-airs in the old city and painted from nature. During that week all who wish could join the art residency.

To provide the opportunity to dive into the atmosphere of Mariupol, locals showed the artists-researchers the parts of the city, which form the characters of the residents, got acquainted with different social and ethnic groups.

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