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international art residency

7 – 30 September 2019

Mariupol, Ukraine

The aim of the "Diffusion" residency program is to bring together artists from different spheres (film and photography, multimedia, street arts fine arts and crafts, contemporary art performances, dance, theatre, design, drawing, etc.) to create artworks that address important social and environmental issues and preferably involve the local community in the development of the artwork. The residency is open to artists both from Ukraine and abroad.

Mariupol, an industrial city in the Southeastern part of Ukraine, due to geopolitical turbulence became a kind of center of that region.

The culminating moment of the residency is the final exhibition of the art residence “Diffusion” in the Center of modern art by Arkhip Kuindzhi in Mariupol.

A residency in Mariupol offers a unique experience when it comes to discovering the cultural processes which are so characteristic of all "Post-Soviet" Eastern European countries. Experience has shown that the acclimatization process which accompanies a residency in a new city full of contrasts invariably generates creative impulses which sooner or later manifest themselves in some form of artistic expression. Residents present their depiction of their sensations to the local public by giving it a chance to view their city through the eyes of a stranger.

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