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Aura of the city. Checkpoint

15 - 25 November 2021

Art residency

Starobilsk, Ukraine

The art-therapeutic program “Checkpoint” was held within the art residency “Aura of the city.” The event was aimed at enhancing the level of social activity and solidarity of the veteran community by holding art-therapeutic events and recreational activities, encouraging cooperation between the veterans, public organizations, and local authorities.


6 artists and psychologists leveraged the means of art and social-psychological adaptation for the psychological rehabilitation of the veterans and the members of their families. Every artist held art events for the local community and art-therapeutic sessions for the veteran community. Participants made paintings, were posing for portraits, created collages, rode horses, did yoga and qigong, and many more.


The art-therapeutic program “Checkpoint” is realized by the public organization “Center of the Mutual Development “Active Community” with the support of the German Federal Government.

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