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Silver Land-Art 2019

international art camp

plein air

28 June – 8 July 2019

Chorna Tysa village, Ukraine

In the village Chorna Tysa in the Rakhiv region (Transcarpathian) was held an international Plein-air for artists — “Silver land art — International art camp”. The art event was held on the basis of the hotel complex “Hutsulshchyna”, and was supported by its owner, philanthropist, and collector Yuriy Vizaver.

The artists were the representatives of different countries and different art schools and demonstrated the broad panorama of the group and individual stylistic directions and form-image researches of the new form-making, from the traditional academic realism to symbolism and half-abstract avantgardism.

The Plein-air in Chorna Tysa was held for the fourth time. The art camp collected enormous (around one thousand canvases) collection of the artworks of famous artists, which needs expanded exhibition premises. Yuriy Vizaver is currently considering the establishment of the full-fledged art gallery in the village, which would become not only the powerful cultural center of the region and its art business card but also an aesthetic attraction for the tourists.

Such Plein-airs are very important for the exchange of experience, communication between artists, the inclusion of the local residents into the creative process, and the popularization of art among the general population.

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