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contemporary art festival

18 – 20 October 2019

Crystal factory, Vinnytsya, Ukraine

Contemporary art helps you to reassemble yourself as a personality, to look at yourself and the world around you from an unfamiliar point of view, to open new “rooms” inside of you. Contemporary art is about who we are and when we live. This is the possibility to upgrade the software of your inner “self”.

AIR GOGOLFEST 2019 is about Vinnytsya as an active player on the cultural map of Ukraine and the whole world. It is about Vinnytsya, where the art brings the fresh “air” and the new senses for the routine life.

AIR GOGOLFEST 2019 was supported by Vinnytsya City Council, Community Foundation "Podillya Community", Ukrainian Culture Foundation, and NGO "Art Union Plai".

The festival was held within the framework of the project GogolFest Inoculation, which is aimed at the unification of Ukrainian cities with the help of art and fulfilling the dream about the “New Ukraine”.

The festival aims to acknowledge the status of Vinnytsya as one of the cultural centers of Ukraine, the development and promotion of the city’s identity, Ukrainian and international art collaborations, and the creation of the new competitive Ukrainian product.

AIR GOGOLFEST includes theatre, performative, musical, visual, educational, children and night programs.

I participated in the visual program of the festival AIR GOGOLFEST and filled the huge warehouse of the Crystal factory with the collection of my 24 artworks.

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